Engaging videos in a few minutes

Designed for Social, Optimized for Engagement

Designed for Social, Optimized for Engagement

Each video is crafted to capture attention on social platforms, utilising trends and best practices to ensure your content stands out.

Unified marketing strategy, at scale

Unified marketing strategy, at scale

Need a series of videos for your campaign? Our platform enables bulk creation, ensuring your marketing strategy is consistent and comprehensive.

Maximize Budget, Minimize Expenses

Maximize Budget, Minimize Expenses

Reduce your content production costs significantly while achieving higher quality and greater volume of video content.

Not your regular AI video generator!

What's trending!

Get trendy!

Explore What’s Trending! on your favourite platforms.
Create engaging videos for your social media with Short Videos App and Stay trending with a click!


Effect used: Photography

Voice over: Fable


Effect used: Photography

Voice over: Onyx


Effect used: Comic Book

Voice over: Nova


Effect used: Fantasy Art

Voice over: Fable


Effect used: Origami

Voice over: Onyx


Effect used: Photography

Voice over: Onyx

Humans love SVA

Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson

Head of Marketing

Before using ShortVideosApp, our marketing team struggled to implement an effective short video strategy. Now, we create engaging content effortlessly, allowing us to connect with our audience like never before. The impact on our brand visibility and engagement has been phenomenal!

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson

ESL Tutor

Using ShortVideosApp has revolutionized my ESL teaching. The ability to create engaging short video content has made my lessons more dynamic and effective. My students love the videos, and the ability to listen or read in their chosen language has streamlined learning!

Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez

Content Creator

ShortVideosApp has been a fantastic tool for enhancing my content creation pipeline. The user-friendly features and diverse editing options have helped me produce high-quality videos that my audience loves. It’s a must-have for any serious content creator!

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!


What is is a platform where you can create and share short videos. We believe in the creativity and empathy of video makers around the world.


What kind of videos can I create on

You can create a variety of videos including educational, entertainment, and more. The platform supports creativity and diversity in video content.


How do I sign up and start using

Signing up is easy. Simply click on the sign-up button and follow the instructions to create your account.


Is there a limit to how many videos I can create?

There is no limit to the number of videos you can create. Feel free to create and share as many videos as you like.


What AI tools are available on to streamline my content production workflows?

Our AI tools include Script Writing, image generation, automated editing, and voiceover generation. These tools save time and let you focus on creativity.


What should I do if my payment fails or I encounter issues with my subscription?

Check if your payment method has enough funds and is valid. If problems continue, contact support at

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